Overcoming Shoulder Pain in Upper Extremity Athletes

This is an online course by Dr. Romero to help you improve joint function, reduce joint pain, and enhance athletic performance.

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Improve Your Energy: Strategies for Post-Exertional Malaise and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

An online course by Dr. Romero to help you increase energy and be active again.

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Patient Testimonials

I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I wanted to mention to you my PR’s and the weights I’ve been abel to lift as I feel that is relevant to the program that you have perscribed for me. I think that when I see my doctor that I look for things to mention that are wrong but forget to mention the good stuff. I have PR’s in several lifts and am able to run without any knee inflamation. Front Squat PR by 10 lbs. (345) Clean PR by 10 lbs (255) and Back squat by 10 lbs (415). The last time I PR’d my BS it was in Jan of 2017. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the expertise with which you vet out my options with my goals.

BJ P., 52 years old

What can I say about Dr. Romero??… She is the most dedicated, intelligent, caring doctor I have ever had. I’m very grateful she has stuck with me through the last year, and hopefully into the future. Many doctors have given up on me, and she has never made me doubt my decision to come. Thank you Dr. Romero!!! You are my saving grace through these rough times.

Jessica R., 23 years old

Dr. Romero was very professional and thorough with my PRP treatments to my knee. Most importantly the results were very positive. I arrived with a very sore arthritic knee that had me inactive and sleeping very poorly at night. Within a couple of treatments I was back again playing pickleball and golf regularly. On completion of the the 2 month program I now participate without fear and apprehension. One very happy 72 year old athlete!

Larry L., 72 years old

I recently had some tightness in my neck, and Dr. Kelly took care of it with a few trigger point injections. I feel much better now and I am thankful for Dr. Kelly and her practice. I’ve also seen her for micronutrient testing and a vitamin D boost. She’s helped me have a better sense of self, especially when it comes to my health. 10/10 recommend seeing her.

Tyrone T., 29 years old

Most doctors spend as little time possible listening to patients or actually diagnosing an ailment. Most “try” this or that drug to “see” what might work. Dr Kelly checks your blood work before taking action then moves to actually solve the issues based on underlying factors, not just superficial symptoms.

Mike M., 55 years old

Dr. Kelly Romero is amazing! I first went to see Dr. Romero about a year ago. I’m a 38 year old man and I was experiencing major fatigue from exercise, slow recovery, brain fog and exhaustion. After my blood work came back it showed I had low Vitamin-D and very low testosterone levels. While getting on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) would be a quick fix, Dr. Romero understood I wanted to get my levels up naturally. Over a 9 month period Dr. Romero put me on a natural plan that saw my testosterone levels double and all of my symptoms go away. All of our visits go the full scheduled hour as Dr. Romero is diligent, patient and very committed to her patients. I would recommend Dr. Romero to all my friends and family!

Bobby G., 40 years old

Dr. Romero helped me get rid of stomach pain that I’ve been having since middle school! The blood panel include autoimmune indicators, hormones balance and micronutrients, which was immensely more informative than the regular metabolic and lipid panel you’d get from annual checkups. I love that Dr. Romero also pay attention to women’s health, which I feel is largely ignored by primary care doctors I used to seeing.

Don’t miss out on Dr. Kendall Stewart for sport medicine also. My shoulder pain improved and got range of motions back after 1 session. I often tell my swim coach and strength trainer that my “new shoulder” is still working well.

Joyce G., 36 years old

There are not enough positive things that I can say about the experience that I have had with Dr. Kelly. I was generally healthy individual but was not my best. I attributed the deficiency to work stress, age, etc. With complete blood work and Dr. Kelly’s simple diet and supplement changes I feel amazing. I sleep better, have more energy, and feel optimized. I also have a knee condition that had a negative diagnosis. With her treat the patient, not the report, and working with an Athletic Trainer, I am back to doing everything I did before. If you are ready to take your health seriously, I highly recommend setting a consult to see if she can help you live your best life. From general health to alternative joint repair, I highly recommend Dr. Kelly Romero NMD.

William P., 52 years old

I saw Dr. Jatta. We did my blood work and found out that I was low on testosterone and as well as other vitamins. He came up with a protocol for me and put me on testosterone. I’m down from 205 lbs. to 178 lbs. I have more energy than you can believe and sex drive is way up.

David M., 49 years old

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